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For many startups and growing companies, gaining marketing exposure and raising external funding from investors are #1 and #2 on their priority list. The advent of equity crowdfunding means these two critical tasks can be done at the same time, and this book shows you how.

It features the very best strategies from 20 real companies who have been through successful equity crowdfunding campaigns, as well as the expert advice from 12 market-leading platforms at the forefront of the equity crowdfunding revolution.

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Raise Money Without A Bank Or VC!

Equity crowdfunding offers amazing potential for startups and growing companies, but it is also a very steep learning curve. Many companies begin with no real idea of how to choose a platform, how to craft their pitch, or what they should be doing to drive people to their offer page and invest.

Featuring Interviews With The World's Leading Platforms And Experts.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn about:

  • The forces which have brought equity crowdfunding to where it is today
  • How to tell whether equity crowdfunding will be a good fit for your company
  • The biggest mistakes that can kill an offer before it has even begun
  • How to build critical momentum - one company raised 1 million pounds in 96 seconds!
  • How to construct a marketing plan to get people literally counting down to your launch
  • How to salvage an offer which is "stuck", and re-ignite the momentum
  • What past campaigns wished they had known before they had started
  • The incredible impact equity crowdfunding can have on your business and profile

The Very Best Strategies From 20 Crowdfunders From Around The World.

The companies featured in the book have used equity crowdfunding to raise millions of dollars, euros and pounds.

This book is truly global in scope, featuring contributions from the United Kingdom, the United StatesFrance, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

This is THE complete guide. It will teach you equity crowdfunding from the ground up.

Praise For The Book

"Your book was so helpful in preparing our equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. I wish that I had read it even earlier. I think it's ideal when you first start thinking about equity crowdfunding. Thank you so much!"

Peter Ebsen, COO, cycle.land - successfully raised over 100,000 pounds after reading.

"This book contains insights and explanations that I hadn't come across before, and I've been studying crowdfunding for 4 years!"

Gary Mersham, Professor of Communication

"Complete and thorough, this book covers all aspects of the global equity crowdfunding industry. From empirical examples of funding campaigns to concrete recommendations, this is a must-read for companies considering raising capital online."

Andrew Dix, Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Insider

About The Author

Nathan Rose is a dedicated and focused finance professional with a strong interest in early stage ventures, alternative finance and technology trends.

Nathan has appeared at crowdfunding conferences around the globe, including in Toronto, Amsterdam, London and Paris. He has spent time as an Expert In Residence at CrowdfundingHub, the European Expertise Centre for Alternative Finance and Community Finance. Nathan is also a regular contributor for Crowdfund Insider, the world's most prominent crowdfunding news site.

He is the Director of Assemble Advisory, a leading agency which helps entrepreneurs with their equity crowdfunding campaigns. He is also the author of Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies, available now on Amazon. Click here to get the book.

Special note for podcasters and journalists: To schedule an interview with the author, Nathan Rose, please email rose.nathe? [at] gmail.com