Get Your Offer Right. Raise Money Sooner.


I help entrepreneurs run successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.

By offering the crowd the chance to gain a shareholding in your business, you can deepen your relationship with them, and raise large sums of money at the same time. This is a game-changer.

Equity crowdfunding offers amazing potential for startups and growing companies, but it is also a very steep learning curve. Many companies begin with no idea of which platform to use, how to benchmark a reasonable valuation, or how to market and promote their offer.

Assemble Advisory can guide you. I can help you navigate the equity crowdfunding landscape so you can get your offer right and raise money sooner.

Nathan Rose, Director of Assemble Advisory


Featuring interviews with the world's leading platforms and experts, and the real strategies used by 20 companies from around the globe.

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“Assemble Advisory were invaluable in helping me to communicate the story of my company, and added exceptional value. They are very knowledgeable and generous with their time – if you’re raising money, they are the first ones you should talk to.”

Rich Fraser, Pixelpaint

“I’d recommend Assemble Advisory to any early-stage company that is serious about growing. We received an in-depth financial model which helped us close an investment round, and also served as an essential tool for the ongoing operation and growth of our business.”

Lewis Gyson, Ant


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